Sudanese Who Made It Big

Ola Diab

Whether in business, media, academics, acting, music, fashion industry or sports, people from different regions of Sudan broke boundaries to excel in their profession and make their dreams come true. “Sudanese Who Made It Big” is a list of Sudanese people who’ve made astonishing achievements, granting them international recognition.

(in no particular order)


Osama Daoud Abdelatif Osama Daoud Abdelatif

Osama Daoud Abdelatif

Born on January 1 1951, Daoud is a Sudanese businessman. He is the chairman of DAL Group, based in Khartoum. The Dal Group is a collection of companies including Dal Motors, Dal Engineering, Dal Food (Sayga flour, the Blue Nile Dairy, Nobo Pasta and exclusive bottler of Coca-Cola in Sudan), Dal Agriculture, Sutrac and Sudanese Liquid Air as well as many other companies. The Dal Group has also founded the Khartoum International Community School and become the official dealers of JVC Electronics in Sudan. Before Dal, in the 1970s, Daoud…

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